Friday, January 22, 2010

Tips Penjagaan Tudung berAwning

Cara SIMPAN tudung berawning ni, ada byk cara,

1. Just gulung body tudung tu, then masukkan ke dalam awning, simpan dalam laci... but make sure the tudungs tak bertindih antara satu sama lain...

2. Gantung tudung tudung tu, guna hanger biasa boleh, or guna hanger yg bulat utk gantung baju2 baby tu, kepit dekat kain tudung, yg bawah dagu tu, jgn kepit dekat awning. Make sure awning tu tak tekelepet or tertindih dgn baju..

3. The 3rd method, which i like, is, I beli hanger kat IKEA tu, (as shown in the photo below) utk hang tudung2 berawning, senang nak tengok, senang nak gantung, after pakai, hehe..

Cara BASUH tudung berawning ni,

Nak basuh, ada org, guna softlan je, or if me, I beli sabun yg especially for delicate fabric tu, handwash tudung tu satu, satu, maksudnya jgn basuh 3 or 4 tudung at one time, gosok2 sikit aje. JANGAN RENDAM coz kadang2 ada kain yg turun color. Then  bilas, perah sikit kat body je, terus jemur... Masa basah, some awning cam penyek sikit, but once dia kering, dia akan ok balik...

If you have other tips, please do share with us here, k, thanks....

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