Friday, June 11, 2010

5th Batch Tudung Ekin style for Sale - Final Part

Here are some of the finished tudung Instant or tudung ekin or Tudung Ariani style.. My personal preference is the new jersey, Dot light Jersey. The texture and its physical appearance is little bit different with the normal jersey, so very beautiful and classy when worn. especially if the awning used is the same fabric as the tudung body... u won't be disappointed.. Happy shopping..

Jersey Type  : J1 Jersey (black)
Awning         : thai silk (embellished with korean stones)
Order Code  : J110610-1
Price             : RM85 (XL length)  SOLD

Jersey Type   : J1 Jersey (roses red)
Awning          : Thai silk (embellished with swarovski crystal)
Order Code   : J110610-2
Price              : RM98 (XL length) SOLD

Jersey Type    : Printed Jersey with stones
Awning           : Thai silk
Order Code    : J110610-3
Price               : RM110 (Scallop XXL length)  SOLD

Jersey Type    : Printed Jersey with stones
Awning           : Thai silk
Order Code    : J110610-4
Price               : RM90 (XL length)  SOLD

Jersey Type     : Hand-spray Jersey
Awning            : Italian thai silk
Order Code     : J110610-5
Price                : RM65 (L length) SOLD

Jersey Type    : Dot light Jersey (Blue Turquoise)
Awning           : Dot light Jersey
Order Code    : J110610-6
Price              : RM70 (XL length) SOLD

Jersey Type     : Dot Light Jersey (purple)
Awning            : Purple corduroy
Order Code     : J110610-7
Price                : RM60 (M length) SOLD
note:    The color is actually purple darker than shown here.
Jersey Type    : Dot light Jersey (Grey)
Awning           : Dot light jersey
Order Code    :  J110610-8
Price               : RM70 (XL length)  SOLD

Jersey Type    : Dot light Jersey (Green)
Awning           : Thai silk
Order Code    : J110610-9
Price               : RM60 (M length) SOLD

Jersey Type    : J1 Jersey (Dark brown)
Awning           : Shantung silk)
Order Code    : J110610-10
Price               : RM50 (M length) SOLD

Jersey Type     : J1 Jersey (dark pink)
Awning            : Red Corduroy
Order Code     : J110610-11
Price                : RM63 (XL length) SOLD

Jersey Type    : Lined, shiny Jersey (Brown)
Awning           : Thai silk
Order Code    : J110610-12
Price               :RM63(XL length)  SOLD

Jersey Type      : J1 Jersey (Grey)
Awning             : Corduroy
Order Code      : J110610-13
Price                 : RM63 (XL length)  SOLD

Jersey Type      : Cotton Jersey
Awning             : White Corduroy
Order Code      : J110610-14
Price                 : RM63 (XL length)  SOLD

Jangan lupa check our Collection Tudung for Sale...

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some Fabrics Available for MTO (cont.)

These are some more colors available for MTO. All are cotton jersey, except for Q5, which is J1 jersey. For cotton jersey, I suggest the same cotton jersey is used for the awning, baru nampak classy gitu.. There are more other colors available for cotton jersey; light brown( like A5 in previous post), gorgeous pink, olive green and dark turquoise are available as well. I love cotton jersey,  best pakai, sejuk je.. 

For next post, I will put some new finished ready-made tudungs, 5th batch Tudung Ekin/Ariani style for SALE - part II. It will include the new jersey type, dot light jersey, which I like very much.. Happy Shopping..

p/s: sorry ye, our "cbox" for biz advertisement has been deleted & replaced by new one since the old one has been hijacked.  so pls use our new "cbox" to advertise ur biz.

Anyway, do check it out our previous collection, click Tudung for Sale now.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some Fabrics Available for MTO

 These are the fabrics that's available for MTO. The colors are actually quite darker than shown here..Please fill-up the order form and specify what type of fabrics that u want for the awning. Don't forget, we do accept credit card.. Happy Shopping..

A5- Brown Jersey                B5- dark purple cotton jersey
C5- pink belacan cotton jersey        D5- dark grey jersey     E5- orange jersey
F5, G5 - Grey Jersey    H5- orange jersey  I5- White cotton jersey    J5-green jersey

                                                     Cotton Jerssey (Purple)

                                                      Printed Cotton Jersey
                                                    Cotton Jersey (Black and turquoise)

                                                   Printed Jersey (Dark blue and orange)
                                                       Hand-spray Jersey (Brown)

                                                     hand-spray Jersey ( dark turquoise)
                                                      Hand-Spray Jersey (brown)

If you would like to see the previous collection, check it out Tudung for Sale now.

Assalamualaikum and Welcome

Sewing has always been my passion, and currently, i love to sew Tudung Jersi or Jersey Scarf type. Since I am doing an online business, what i offer here is a very high quality jersey, matching with high quality fabric awning. The fabric cloth is tested, very cool and comfortable to wear. If I like the pattern and the cloth quality, then only I will share and offer it here. Well, happy browsing, hope you like it, as much as I do.

Selected Testimonials

"Package dah sampai and my girls suka sgt. I'm impressed with the jersey's quality. Much better than my lycra's tudung. Thanks you so much. Will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Ramadhan mubarak." Sue Yusof, USA


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