Monday, May 17, 2010

Teacher's Day 2010


I hope it's still not too late to wish everyone " Happy Teachers Day 2010" which falls on 16th May 2010.

Whether you are kindergarten's teachers, school teachers, tuition center's teachers or lecturers at the colleges and universities; you all deserve an appreciations and honors from all of us. There are a lot that has been done by teachers, teaching and inculcating good values on us, our children and to the whole society.

My children sibuk duk suruh I sew tudungs to be given to their class teachers.. So last night, manage to finish few tudungs, hope their teachers like it ya..

I know some teachers are not happy with the Education Ministry's "Gotong Royong Perdana" which has been held last Saturday in Schools. Me myself do not agree with the "Gotong Royong" thing.. Normally we appreciate someone by doing something for that person, not appreciating someone by asking them to do something for us.. Hope next year the education Ministry won't pass this type of circular again.. "Gotong Royong" is ok, but NOT on Teachers Day.

Well.. Happy Teachers Day and Thank You to all teachers and lecturers..

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Friday, May 14, 2010

5th Batch Tudung Ekin style for Sale - Part 1

As promised, these are some of the finished Instant Tudungs for SALE.. Some of the printed jersey are with stones.. the stones are arranged nicely on some spots of the design, not all over the printed tudungs. It is really gorgeous if u see it in person. Well u cannot really see it in the photo.. The printed jersey with stones FABRIC cost RM25 more than the same jersey design without stones, that's why the price is little bit higher for the tudungs with stones.. 

        The Tudungs price is based on the fabrics used and whether it is embellished with korean stones( grade AA) or not.. Without stones tudungs is cheaper la ye..

Tudung Jersey

Jersey Type   : Printed Jersey with Stones..
Awning          : Thai Silk
Order Code   : J140510-1
Price              : RM70  (for S length, ~30 cm from chin) SOLD
                      : RM80 (for M length ~ 40 cm fr chin) SOLD
                      : RM85 (for L length ~ 43 cm fr chin)  SOLD
                      : RM 90 (for XL length, ~ 47 cm fr chin)  SOLD

Jersey Type  : Printed Jersey with Stones
Awning         : Thai Silk
Order Code  : J140510-2
Price             : RM85 (L length) SOLD
                     : RM90 (XL length) SOLD

Jersey Type   : Red J1 Jersey (embellished with Korean stone)
Awning          : Thai Silk
Order Code   : J140510-3
Price              : RM81 (XL length) SOLD

Jersey Type  : Cotton Jersey
Awning         : Thai Silk
Order Code  : J140510-4
Price             : RM45 (S length) SOLD

Jersey Type   : Orange J1 Jersey
Awning          : Italian Thai Silk
Order Code   : J140510-5
Price              : RM63 (XL length) SOLD

Jersey Type    : Printed Jersey (Hand-spray)
Awning           : Thai Silk
Order Code    : J140510-6
Price               : RM65 (L length) SOLD

Jersey Type  : Printed Jersey with Stones
Awning         : Thai Silk
Order Code  : J140510-7
Price             : RM 90 (XL length) SOLD

Jersey Type   : Red J1 Jersey
Awning          : Red Thai Silk
Order Code   : J140510-8
Price              : RM63 (XL length)  SOLD

Jersey Type   : Printed Jersey (Hand-spray)
Awning          : Purple Thai Silk
Order Code   : J140510-9
Price              : RM70 (XL length)  SOLD

Jersey type   : Printed Jersey
Awning        : Thai Silk
Order Code : J140510-10
Price            : RM70 (XL length)  SOLD

Jersey Type  : Dark Brown Cotton Jersey
Awning         : Dark brown Cotton Jersey
Order Code  : J140510-11
Price             : RM63 (XL length) SOLD

Don't forget to fill up the Order Form ASAP, first order first served...

If you would like to see the previous collection, check it out Tudung for Sale now.

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Assalamualaikum and Welcome

Sewing has always been my passion, and currently, i love to sew Tudung Jersi or Jersey Scarf type. Since I am doing an online business, what i offer here is a very high quality jersey, matching with high quality fabric awning. The fabric cloth is tested, very cool and comfortable to wear. If I like the pattern and the cloth quality, then only I will share and offer it here. Well, happy browsing, hope you like it, as much as I do.

Selected Testimonials

"Package dah sampai and my girls suka sgt. I'm impressed with the jersey's quality. Much better than my lycra's tudung. Thanks you so much. Will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Ramadhan mubarak." Sue Yusof, USA


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