Wednesday, November 3, 2010

7th Batch Jersey Scarf

Salam, quite a month since my last post. Every week busy with MTO, especially now ni tengah wedding season..thus no time to update blog.

Quite a few asked me to come out with the new design, like pearl haya 2 layered tudungs. I planned to do just that and bought the fabric already; now need to find TIME to start sewing it.. Sorry ye, some MTO quite late, hmm..  In 2 weeks time, will be Raya Haji, my two daughters are already asking for their abayas.. complete with 2 layered tudungs for them.. Mengarah je my daughters ni, hehe. Anyway need to start sewing their abayas soon, if not, tak sempat la. Here are some of the available tudungs, if interested, do drop me an email ya..

Jersey Type : Plain J1 Jersey
Awning : Lined Thai Silk
Order Code : J031110-1
Size/Price : RM63 (XL length) SOLD
                  RM53 (M length) SOLD

Jersey Type : Printed Jersey**
Awning : Italian Thai Silk (dark grey)
Order Code : J031110-2
Size/Price: RM70 (XL length) SOLD
                 RM60 (M length) SOLD

** Only 1 more available, scallop XL length SOLD

Jersey Type : Printed Cotton Jersey (light brown)
Awning : Thai Silk
Order Code : J031110-3
Size/Price : RM70 (XL length) SOLD
                  RM60 (M length)  SOLD

Jersey Type : Printed Jersey
Awning : Italian Thai Silk (dark blue)
Order Code : J031110-4
Size/Price : RM70 (XL length) SOLD
                  RM65 (L length) SOLD
                  RM60 (M length) SOLD

Jersey Type : Printed Jersey
Awning : Thai Silk
Order Code : J031110-5
Size/Price : RM70 (XL length) SOLD
                  RM60 (M length) SOLD

Jersey Type : Printed Cotton Jersey
Awning : Italian Thai Silk
Order Code : J031110-6
Size/Price : RM60 (M length) SOLD
                  RM65 (L length)  SOLD

Jersey Type : Cottonic Jersey
Awning : Corduroy (pink)
Order Code : J031110-7
Size/Price : RM66 (XL length) SOLD
                  RM56 (M length) SOLD

Jersey Type : Plain J1 Jersey
Awning : Brocade
Order Code : J031110-8
Size/Price : RM73 (XL length) SOLD
                  RM68 (L length) SOLD
                  RM63 (M length)  SOLD

Jersey Type : Embossed Jersey (dark brown)
Awning : Thai Silk
Order Code : J031110-8
Size/Price : RM61 (L length) SOLD
                  RM56 (M length) SOLD

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Monday, September 27, 2010

More Plain Jersey Sample

Here are more plain jersey sample.. hmm actually not new, but tak terletak kat blog.. The KA, KB and KC code are the new Embossed Jersey, something new and different sikit, the rest are plain J1 and J2 jersey.. for dot light jersey and cotton jersey, can refer to link 'sample plain jersey for MTO'

Sorry KA & KB already sold out (updated 18Feb2011)

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Awning Samples

Here are some more awning samples available( actually there are more, but its too much, unable to put it all here..).

For wedding tudungs, can use brocade awning( normally used for wedding tdgs are brocades AD5, AD14, AD15, AD23, AH3 and AH4). DeZahra sold the S size wedding tudungs with brocades awning and embellished with swarovski crystals with price of RM250. My price is not as expensive as that ye..

For more casual and santai look, can try the corduroy awning.. I love the new printed corduroy, cantik.. If you seee the NONA magazine (August and September 2010 Edition), Pearl haya did showed their new tudungs featuring the printed corduroy which were very gorgeous, enjoy..

  AB and AC; some are 100% pure Thai Silk, some are 100% pure Italian Thai Silk

AD: 100% pure silk brocade

AE; 100% pure prited lined Thai Silk

AF; printed Corduroy

AG; plain Corduroy, except AG11 and AG22, which are printed brown and blue velvet respectively

AH1 to AH4: 100% pure silk brocade
AH5 to AH8: printed Corduroy

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Eid Mubarak 2010

To all muslims, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir batin.. This year, it has been a very busy Ramadan for me, With all the tudungs to finish and the baju raya for me and the children.. tup2 last night has had to buy the baju kurung and baju melayu for them.. coz their ummie hadn't been able to finish all the baju's.. sempat siapkan my baby's baju melayu je.. Happy Eid to all..

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tips on wearing and looking good in tudung

Tips on wearing and looking good in tudung

Women who wear the headscarf or tudung will make tudung shops a must-go destination as many stores offer dazzling selections. 

The tudung has become highly fashionable and it can be worn in many ways.

Click below link to see the video by the Star Online TV.
Enjoy the show & Happy Merdeka.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

JOHNSON’S® baby ‘Baby of the Year 2010’

Dear parent,
From those precious early moments you’ve shared, to all the laughs and love you’ve experienced today – your baby is surely the apple of your eye. But can the champion of your heart capture ours too?

Celebrate your baby’s charm by participating in the JOHNSON’S® baby ‘Baby of the Year 2010Contest. Our judges will use their 18 years of experience to crown the cutest, brightest and healthiest baby. Your baby just might be the one who basks in the prestige and glory of being crowned Baby of the Year 2010.

This year, we’ll be giving away prizes to winners of an all-new online voting category, as well as up to RM50,000 in cash and prizes to be won during the Grand Finals. The Grand Prize winner stands to receive RM15,000 cash, a RM1,500 JOHNSON’S® baby Hamper and an appearance on parenting magazine covers, and a 1-year membership to The Picture Company. They will also receive a personalized photo book and a 5” x 7” portrait gift certificate sponsored by The Picture Company.

Does your little precious have what it takes? Will your little one be crowned the JOHNSON’S® baby ‘Baby of the Year 2010’? Find out by registering your little one today. Click here for further details and to enter your baby into the contest!

P/S: sources taken from my email

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wedding Tudungs

Here are the Wedding Tudungs made for a friend. She's getting married in this coming Raya. Very gorgeous in person, the brocade awning was embellished with swarovski crystal... She likes simple tudungs, thus the swarovski cystals was put at some spots of the awning, not at all over the awning. Afifah, semoga berbahagia, akak suka sangat u suka the tudngs...

Me myself, geram nak buat wedding tudung, pink colored, the brocade is very gorgeous, but what to do, the owner tak nak pink,.. nak buat untuk diri sendiri, kan terover la pulak.. hehe

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All MTO will be temporarily closed from this Friday 20th August 2010

Salam all,

All Made to orders(MTO) will be closed from this Friday onwards. The MTO will be open back after Hari Raya. Need to finish all curent orders, takut tak sempat..

In addition, I'm offering 20% discount for all ready-made tudungs on the website, from 1st batch onwards.. special discount for Hari Raya.. Please ask questions before confirming your orders. All sales are not returnable/refundable, as written in the Terms and Conditions (except if the mistakes is in our parts, sending wrong tudungs etc).

I wish everyone a blessed Ramadan and hopefully the blessing of Ramadhan be upon us all. I would like to ask forgiveness to all of u for all the wrongdoings either intentional or unintentional.. Happy Hari Raya...

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dress Up Your Baby With Trudy & Teddy Contest

What better expression of a mother's love for her baby than the classic European style of Trudy & Teddy. The brand offers modern and refined yet timeless apparels for newborn up to 4 years.

Lovingly created for babies, Trudy & Teddy makes it possible for every mother to proudly show off her pride and joy, and enjoy creating tender moments or special occasions with her child.

With Trudy & Teddy, your babies will be in their 'Sunday Best', every day.
Trudy & Teddy is now giving ParenThots' readers a chance to win some exciting prizes in the Dress up Your Baby With Trudy & Teddy Contest.

Snap a photo and be in the running to win exciting prizes; the total value of prizes is RM5,900. The contest starts Aug 1, 2010.

The contest can be found at
Trudy & Teddy Website:

p/s: rcv this info from email.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

6th Batch Tudung Jersey Final Part

Here are some more ready made tudungs.. Very recommended the dot light jersey.. my own collection of dot light jersey and cotton jersey, banyak sampai dah tak tau nak pakai those tudungs dengan baju apa.. hehe punya la banyak, geleng kepala my hubby, hmm nak buat camana, once dah try, terus berkenan,  Happy Shopping..

Jersey Type    : Dot light Jersey (Blue turquoise)
Awning           : Dot light Jersey
Order Code   : J280710-1
Size/Price       : RM70 (XL length)  SOLD

Jersey Type   : Dot light Jersey (Brown)
Awning          : Dot light Jersey
Order Code   : J280710-2
Size/Price       : RM70 (XL length) SOLD

Jersey Type   : Printed Jersey
Awning          : Corduroy 
Order Code  : J280710-3
Size/Price      : RM60 (M length)
                       RM70 (XL length)  SOLD

Jersey Type   : Printed Jersey with stones
Awning          : Thai Silk
Oder Code    : J280710-4
Size/Price      : RM90 (XL length)  SOLD
                      RM80 (M length)  SOLD

Jersey Type   : Cotton Jersey (Pink)
Awning          : Brocade with swarovski and korean stones
Order Code   : J280710-5
SIze/Price      : RM91 (XL length)  SOLD

Jersey Type   : Printed Jersey
Awning          : Thai Silk (Dark green)
Order Code   : J280710-6
Size/Price       : RM70 (XL length) SOLD

Jersey Type   : Printed Cotton Jersey
Awning          : Thai Silk
Order Code   : J280710-7
Size/Price       : RM68 (XL length) SOLD

Jersey Type  : Printed Cotton Jersey
Awning         : Corduroy (Red)
Order Code  : J280710-8
Size/Price      : RM68 (XL length) SOLD
                      RM48 (S length) SOLD

Jangan lupa check our Collection Tudung for Sale...

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Assalamualaikum and Welcome

Sewing has always been my passion, and currently, i love to sew Tudung Jersi or Jersey Scarf type. Since I am doing an online business, what i offer here is a very high quality jersey, matching with high quality fabric awning. The fabric cloth is tested, very cool and comfortable to wear. If I like the pattern and the cloth quality, then only I will share and offer it here. Well, happy browsing, hope you like it, as much as I do.

Selected Testimonials

"Package dah sampai and my girls suka sgt. I'm impressed with the jersey's quality. Much better than my lycra's tudung. Thanks you so much. Will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Ramadhan mubarak." Sue Yusof, USA


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