Thursday, April 8, 2010

Color Tips for Tudung and Clothes

To mix and match our clothes with our Tudungs could be difficult sometimes. So this time I'll share some info on color matching, based on the info from magazines and other websites. 

  • An outfit must have only one dominant color.
  • Adding one complementary color allows to temper another color.
  • Try using more sober colors for the parts where you want to look thinner. Black has the most slimming effect. 
  • Vivid colors (neon) are better for the upper part of the body because they light up your face.  Thus don't hesitate to try neon colored Tudungs from HusNazirah Collection..hehe

  • To easily match Jersey Printed Tudungs, (Especially now with variety of gorgeous Printed Tudung Jersey available), wear it with plain Neutral colored clothes (cream, white, grey and black). Well instead of buying printed blouses, opt for plain, neutral colored blouses or Jubah so that we can match it with varieties of printed Tudungs. You will look instantly more upbeat!
  • Neutral color are the safest way to match.  These colors look nice on mostly anyone.

The color wheel image above shows the color tones that suit the categorized skin tones. Fair-Light and Light-Medium skin tones usually have cool undertones and Medium-Tan and Tan-Dark are usually warm undertoned.

Medium Skin Tone
This tone is more appropriate to wear tropical colors (orange, green, red, yellow and blue)

Fair Skin Tone
Fair skin tone is more suitable to wear pastel colors like light brown, light blue or pink. Although other colors are also not forbidden to use. 

Rich Skin Tone
·     For Dark Skin, do not hesitate to select the color purple, or maroon tosca so you look more attractive. The soft earth tones is also suitable.

More Tips
  • If you have a fair skin and dark hair: maroon and yellow, navy blue and beige, beige and white, gray and maroon.
  • For a mat skin and dark hair: pink and orange, green and beige, red and grey, red and black.
  • It's advisable not to wear more than 3 colors in the same outfit to maintain a coordinated look and avoid looking like a clown. 

Monochromatic Colors 
Match like with like. Monochromatic colors are different shades of a single color or hue. For example, matching a light blue with a dark blue.
This is a simple and safe way to color match.
Complimentary Colors 
Use opposite colors to look attractive. For example, orange with blue, yellow with violet, and red with green. However, too much is an eyesore, so applying complimentary colors to accessories may be a more favorable look.
Analagous Colors 
Apply a more harmonious look with closely related colors. These colors are also considered to be neighbors on the color wheel. Examples are purple with blue or gold, orange, with yellow.        

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