Friday, February 12, 2010

RED Blackberry

Currently I'm still sewing some tudungs for the 3rd batch, hmm tak habis2 lagi. I have a lot of kains that I bought to be made to my baju kurung, but haven't got the time to sew it, coz too buzy finishing the tudungs. Ada yg dah order tu, tunggu ye.. busy sikit, InsyaAllah, another 1 week siap kot.. hopefully.

Last 2 weeks my palm smartphone stop working, tiba2 cannot ON. Now I'm stuck with my old handphone. I'm so used to the smartphone that I felt awkward using the old handphone, so I've been searching for other smartphone in local shops and online. I decided to buy red blackberry, hehe, I love the colour, however the price is too expensive here(even with the current promotion by CELCOM and MAXIS), to pay RM252/month, is too much. DIGI do offer a cheaper alternative package, but unfortunately, in my place, the DIGI coverage is not good..

Thus I decided to buy online, from US. There are lot of blackberry models available, after much comparing of their features, my selection is left to blackberry curve 8330 and blackberry bold 9700. Blackberry storm is good, but I don't like the touchscreen, my hubby do though. Between the two, I decide to buy blackberry 8330, due to the price of course, 8330 model is much cheaper n affordable.

I think I got a good price for it. Now, I can't wait for it to arrive here, hehe..


  1. its not necessary to pay rm252/month to get blackberry from celcom/maxis. i believe u got the rm252 from the 'installment' plan. that rm252 include the monthly installment for the device, the voice/sms usage, as well as blackberry internet access.

    but, other option is

    you can pay the device at discounted price upon registration, then opt the blackberry access plan as low as rm38/month (from celcom for example)

    or pay the full price of the device and simply use blackberry prepaid service as low as rm1 or rm2.50 per day (from celcom for example).

  2. Hi Epool86, thanks for yr comments..

    i'm using only rm30 celcom prepaid/mth, so for all the 3 options, i still thinks it's expensive..

    for my case, i don't really need the internet access, i just want the smartphone features, that's why i tried to find the cheapest alternatives. For yr info, i got the red blackberry curve 8330 for usd167 only... about rm600++.., shipping is about rm140, so total cost for the phone is rm740. without any monthly commitment..hehe

  3. Hi,
    I was just wondering where did you buy the phone online? And did you get your phone already? Please do let me know as I am very interested in the blackberry phones. You can email me the details at

  4. mel1609, i just google and found one website, couldn't remember the site add already, u can try google again, and yup, I got the phone. However one point to note, u need to pay the AP charge, which quite costly, about RM300 (including the agent fees)


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