Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why We, Muslim Women MUST wear Tudung/Hijab

Two Piece Hijab Al AmiraThis type of question is very common. I got asked quite a few times by the non-muslims, few times when I was in US, and other times was here, when I taught in local private college, where the majority of the students and lecturers are Chinese and foreigners.

Wearing tudungs are compulsory for muslimahs. We wear tudungs because our creator, Allah told us so, and it is for our own benefits. Allah knows best. We wear tudungs not beacause our father, hubby or brother asked us to, but because we know it is a direction from Allah and because we want to.

I remembered when I was a kid, my father used to brag me about wearing tudung, and I refused to wear. When we went for outing, he won't let me got into the car unless I wore my hijab first. He forced me to wear tudungs, but at the same time, he kept explaining why muslim women need to wear tudungs. Later, I understood and willingly wearing the Hijab. Thus when I went to US to further my study, I had no difficulty in keep wearing the tudungs. I got quite few friends who took off the tudungs when they were in US, I guess they did not understand the reason behind it.

We don't wear Hijab all the times, we wear it only when there are men who are not directly relatives to us are around (hubby, father, brother and uncles are okay). For complete list, can refer to Surah an-Nur, ayah 31. We wear the Hijab, to protect ourselves from indecent acts or thoughts.

For me, I feel modest, and more confidence when I covered up. I feel that I have more self-respect(of course, this should be earned, not only by how you looks, but also by how you react or speak of your mind). Some people might say, Muslim women has less freedom because we need to wear Hijab, but men don't. Well, in my opinion, when we women, wear less, isn't we degraded ourselves. It draws more criticism and attention. We should be equal in rights, and justice, and not on our body image.

In addition, for Muslim women, the Hijab should cover our head (no jambul, please.. hehe), neck and chest. Just my 2 cents..

Any comments are most welcomed...

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