Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 Jersey Scarf 2nd Batch - Part 1

Salam all, after long silence, here are some of the finished tudungs available.

  Long wait cause I was busy finishing eight baju kurungs, baju kurung pesak gantung and abayas, all belong to me and my two daughters. Still got a lot of fabrics which had not been sewn, but dah tak larat la. Have to wait for the mood to come again.

   The first three tudungs were sewn using velvet fabric, which are sold at RM140 and above for M length at certain boutique. My price here does not reach RM100 ye (even for XL length). The more pricey tudung is due to velvet fabric does cost a a lot more as compared to normal jersey. The rest are normal jersey and cotton jersey fabrics. Enjoy and happy shopping..

Jersey Type: Velvet
Awning: Dwi-tone Thai Silk
Order Code: J290311-1
Price/Size: RM85 (M length) SOLD
                   RM95 (XL length) SOLD

Jersey Type: Velvet fabric
Awning: Thai Silk
Order Code: J290311-2
Price/Size: RM85 (M length) SOLD
                  RM95 (XL length) SOLD
Jersey Type: Velvet Fabric
Awning: Thai Silk
Order Code: J290311-3
Price/Size: RM85 (M length) SOLD
                  RM95 (XL length) SOLD
Jersey Type: Jersey
Awning: Thai Silk
Order Code: J290311-4
Price/Size: RM60 (M length)
                  RM70 (XL length) SOLD
Jersey Type: Printed Cotton Jersey
Awning: Thai Silk
Order Code: J290311-5
Price/Size: RM70 (XL length) SOLD
                  RM60 (M length) SOLD
Jersey Type: Printed Jersey
Awning: Thai Silk
Order Code: J290311-6
Price/Size: RM75 (XL length) SOLD

Jersey Type: Embossed Printed Jersey
Awning: Thai Silk
Order Code: J290311-7
Price/Size: RM70 (XL length) SOLD
                 RM60 (M length)  SOLD

- done with curly finishing at tudung ends. Nice curls. For the curly design, the tudung was made with slim cut at the shoulder, so no need to pin at the neck or at the sanggul, to give nice flow of the curls.

Jersey Type: Printed Jersey
Awning: Italian Thai Silk
Order Code: J290311-8
Price/Size: RM50 (S length) SOLD
                  RM70 (XL length) SOLD

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