Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How the Tudung Jersey project started

Tudung style *kin or *riana has become popular because to me, its very comfortable, cantik, and very easy to wear, just sarung.. je. So hubby tak de la bising kita lambat siap.. hehe. I used to buy the tudung from *ajaba, which were very expensive, RM85 per piece (I don't know the current price, dah lama tak pegi, coz bila pegi je, limited colors je yg ada, byk dah habis), that was the price for jersey tudung, with same jersey cloth for awning. So I thought, why don't I sew it on my own, I can choose what type of cloth or pattern or type of awning that I want. That's what prompt me of starting my own tudung *kin.

           Last 2 week I went to G* . they sold the printed jersey tudung at RM98 during SALE.. hmm amat la mahal, and their awning cloth was not even Thai silk/raw silk,.. so my hubby told me, why don't u make that printed jersey tudung, with thai silk/raw silk awning, and sell it at a cheaper price. Jadi rasanya what I offer here is really a bargain, I use only high quality kain jersey and high quality kain for awning. I tak suka guna kain jersey yg murah and panas tu, hope u all like it. if u have any comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to do so, chow dulu, nak tengok my baby pulak.. hehe.

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Assalamualaikum and Welcome

Sewing has always been my passion, and currently, i love to sew Tudung Jersi or Jersey Scarf type. Since I am doing an online business, what i offer here is a very high quality jersey, matching with high quality fabric awning. The fabric cloth is tested, very cool and comfortable to wear. If I like the pattern and the cloth quality, then only I will share and offer it here. Well, happy browsing, hope you like it, as much as I do.

Selected Testimonials

"Package dah sampai and my girls suka sgt. I'm impressed with the jersey's quality. Much better than my lycra's tudung. Thanks you so much. Will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Ramadhan mubarak." Sue Yusof, USA


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